MyShake Is A Smartphone Application That Can Help Predict Earthquakes


Have you heard about MyShake? It’s an amazing app that has been designed by researchers at University of California, Berkeley and Deutsche Telekom’s Silicon Valley Innovation Center. The app transforms your smartphone into an earthquake detector via use of accelerometers and brilliant algorithms. It can detect tremors and warn scientists – all in under a couple of milliseconds.App MyShake Can Help Predict Earthquakes 3

As per the team responsible for the app’s creation, using sufficient number of smartphones that are running the app, users can be notified about the earthquakes’ imminence in the given region.

Because of MyShake, each smartphone is transformed into a link of a huge network of earthquake detectors, all working in harmony to achieve the desired result. It was crucial to develop an algorithm for differentiating between earthquakes and other shaking and tremor-subjugation of the smartphone. The next difficulty was the battery consumption and that’s where the Deutsche Telekom stepped in to save the day.App MyShake Can Help Predict Earthquakes 2

Richard Allen, director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory at the University of California, said, “As seismologists we are always struggling to think about how to collect more data about earthquakes. We’re data-limited in our finds. We need more data so that we can understand the physics of earthquake processes so that we can better predict what will happen in future earthquakes, and so that we can build better buildings, and think of other strategies to reduce the effects of future earthquakes.”

MyShake, upon detecting a tremor, sends the data to the central server that is placed at Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. The data includes the location, time and magnitude – this data is then compiled to a large network of data streams incoming from various app users. This allows scientists to warn users of potential incoming earthquakes before they hit.App MyShake Can Help Predict Earthquakes

However, in order to make this program viable and effective; a large number of devices need to be running the free app. So go on, download it and become an effective member of earthquake

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3 Ways Remote Working Is Not as Easy as You Think


Let’s forget the fact that telecommuting or remote working allows you to ignore any and all social conventions regarding personal hygiene. Yes, you can work-at-home in stained sweat suits, not shower for days and avoid socializing with anything that doesn’t have fur and is beyond your front door. Although all those things might seem like benefits, they are in fact disadvantages. But, what are the other reasons that make remote working harder than you think? Yes, besides losing your last Cheeto behind the couch.

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1. Communication

man wearing shorts

We live in the internet age, and we are more communicatively connected than any other epoch in time. And we genuinely suck at it, unless we are talking about disseminating sucrose sweet motivational quotes and videos of cats being startled by cucumbers. No matter how many apps, programs and high-speed connections we have, our connectivity is still just an augmentation of old school face to face interactions.

It is tough to stay in the loop if it is intertwined with photo optic strands (that’s what they use to get the internet to you). Water cooler chats, lunch room rumors and office buzz are invaluable sources of information that won’t be available to you because you are outside the workplace. This break-down or more appropriate “filter” of communication can result in you learning about things too late, missing information that might help your task or projects and even feeling a bit left out, but that’s more of an ego thing…;

2. Technology

man sitting at desk in sand

On the coattail of the previous entry, although I boasted of the benefits of technology, Newton’s third law states, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So no matter how well versed and proficient you are at the tools of your trade, there will be that one person you will need to speak with that is as proficient at setting up a teleconference as they are explaining the nuances of the multiverse theory in theoretical physics.

It would have been more efficient just to meet with this technologically impaired person than to spend hours on the phone telling them to click on My Computer to which they respond, How would I click on your computer; you’re in an entirely different state? It’s immensely frustrating, but just another reality of working in your bathrobe, which I’d like to point out is open wide enough for me to see what God blessed you with…;erm, I mean cursed you with.

3. 24/7

work from home

Although you have a unicorn and marshmallows perception of the world, the truth is that most people don’t give a fly flipping flak about other people. Why is this relevant when talking about the problems that plague people that work remotely/from home? Well, here’s a hypothetical scenario that I’m sure most telecommuters have experienced. Its 6 in the afternoon, it’s time to log-off and shut down so you go into your bedroom to change out of your work robe and into your home robe. Suddenly your phone goes nuts; you check it and there are 7 messages from your boss all of which are asking why you aren’t on Skype.

You log on, explain to your boss that you are in fact off work, and that’s why you are logged off, which he ignores while he starts a 2 hour long conversation about how a link on the website turns purple when you click it and is convinced that this is an indication that the website was hacked. Now imagine that scenario if the time difference between you and your boss were 3 hours, it would be 9 pm when he contacted you, making it 11 pm by the time your “It turns purple because it shows you it’s been clicked” “So they’re also tracking us!” conversation is done. Say you have 7 hours…;that would start your conversation at 1 a.m…;This is probably due to two things, first your boss is an asshole without any regard for his employees’ personal life or second your boss is an asshole without any regard for the fact that his remote workers might be in a different time zone.

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Do you know of any other problems that you might experience working remotely? Let us know in the comment section below.

This Toilet Can Transform Your Poop Into Water And Electricity


Say, would you be interested in an inexpensive, easily maintainable and a green toilet that doesn’t employ the use of water and can change human waste into clean water and electricity? Pretty psyched, yes! This toilet is slated to begin trials in 2016 most probably in Ghana. It has been termed as the ‘Nano Membrane Toilet’ by Cranfield University, its inventor. This approach will help the 2.3 billion persons who do not have access to hygienic and safe toilets.This Toilet Can Transform Waste Into Water and Electricity

It works once you close the lid. The bowl’s bottom uses a rotating mechanism that allows the toilet to carry the waste into a sedimentation chamber, which is responsible for blocking any sort of odor. Next step is filtering of the waste via a special nanotech membrane, which divides the vaporized water molecules from the waste and stops pathogens and solids from traveling any further by water.This Toilet Can Transform Waste Into Water and Electricity 3

The vaporized water moves to a chamber that is filled with ‘nano-coated hydrophilic beads’ that allow the water vapor to condense and then collect into an area below. The water achieved this way is pure enough to be used for farm irrigation and household washing. The remaining solid waste and pathogens are then directed by an Archimedean screw into a second chamber and although this part of the toilet is currently being designed, the basic idea that is currently prevailing is to incinerate the solid waste and convert it into energy and ash. The energy will be used for powering the nano-membrane filtration process with surplus energy being used for charging small devices or mobile phones. The only waste product from this process is the ash that will be the result of solid being burned. This ash is nutrient rich and pathogen free thus quite a natural fit for farming. The toilet is capable of managing waste that is being generated by a household of 10 persons.

The project has been partially funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Reinvent the Toilet Challenge and is the winner of the CleanEquity Monaco 2015 award. It is clean, odorless and quite aspirational while being capable of working in environments that are not sufficient when it comes to external power, water and sewage.This Toilet Can Transform Waste Into Water and Electricity 2

The current plan is for this toilet to be rented to households via local organization thus helping to spread the cost and keeping it under the Gate Foundations’ challenge of 5 cents per person per day. The following video was made by the Cranfield Water Science Institute and was created for the Reinvent the toilet fair that was held in 2014.

Top Smartphones for College Students in 2015


A new Gallup study revealed that college students can’t imagine life without their smartphones and are more attached to their phones than previously thought. And while there’s a lot of debate regarding smartphone usage between millennials and older adults, it seems millennials are in the lead.

These students also try to keep up with the latest trends in the smartphone market so as to be perceived as trendy and to also have the latest operating systems that could support new mobile phone applications. Unfortunately, however, technology evolves at a fast rate, causing college students that are not tech-savvy to lose a lot of money making the wrong choices. It is wise that college students understand their kind of lifestyle and preference in order to buy the best phone that is right for them.

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1. iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is best suited for the adventurous and classy college student who loves travelling, taking photos and showing off. The 8-megapixel camera allows you to take high quality images and videos while the autofocus technology helps take sharp images. The sleek and thin design makes the iPhone 6 one of the thinnest smartphones on the market, comfortably fitting in skinny jeans pockets and small handbags. Lastly, the cost itself oozes class and sophistication, causing college students who own this type of phone to be accorded respect by their peers.

Price: from $199

2. Nexus 6

The decision between a tablet and a mega smartphone is hard to make. Nexus 6 is best suited for students who want a phone that doubles as a tablet when necessary. Loosely referred to as a phablet, the Nexus 6 is characterized by a 6-inch screen and stereo speaker. Movie lovers and internet addicts love the theatre experience the phone offers when watching movies through the big screen and stereo front speakers. Additionally, college students love it due to its portability, great photo and video experience, as well as browsing capabilities. However, the battery capacity is average and requires more frequent charging compared to other devices when used to it maximum.

Price: $598.99

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Architecture and design students find this phone to be extremely handy to suit their day-to-day needs. Designed with an easy-to-use stylus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 allows these students to make sketches and edits directly on their phone making client and class interactions easier and faster. Better still, they can comfortably handle their projects from any location using their phones. Coupled with high resolution, the 6-inch screen offers enough room for manipulation of designed items to perfection. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 redefines the art of photo taking, courtesy of the 16-megapixel back camera. The optical image stabilization, a rare feature in most smartphones, makes taking photos on the go a walk in the park. This is also a must-have for busy college students because the multitasking feature allows you to view two apps at the same time.

Price: $685.59

4. HTC One M9

Class and adventure are what define the HTC One M9. Who needs to buy a digital camera when this phone offers image quality of 20 megapixels? The sapphire cover lens adequately protects the camera extending durability through its scratch-resistant nature. This is the perfect smartphone for college divas who love taking high-quality images to post on Instagram. The HTC Eye Experience software is featured with live makeup, split capture and voice selfie features which, when coupled with the Zoe app, allow you to combine media with friends from multiple points of view. The HTC BoomSound feature makes this phone a hot sell for music and game loves by offering a 5.1 surround sound effect to exude a cinema feel. Lastly, college students with strong personalities are given the chance to customize their phones as much as possible via the HTC themes app, which changes the complete look of the phone based on preferences.

Price: $649.00

5. Motorola Moto G

Moto G

Smartphones come at an expensive price, but this can be reduced by buying budget smartphones; after all, nobody always uses all the extra features. Motorola Moto G keeps a college student’s budget low but this means you have to sacrifice some coveted smartphone features. Fortunately, the phone bears the basics: 16 GB of built-in memory, a quad-core processor, and a 1280×720 pixel screen. The 5-inch screen places the Motorola Moto G in the same range as other smartphones based on screen size, therefore competes well in terms of design and aesthetics. The best new age smartphones have a camera quality beyond the 5-megapixel spectrum. Unfortunately for this phone, it captures 5-megapixel images and lacks the new technological features that offer amazing editing options. Therefore, this is not the best phone for photo lovers.

Price: from $179.99

6. Samsung Galaxy S6

This is the latest phone in the Galaxy S series, flying off the shelves at a fast rate. The Galaxy S6 has a 5.1-inch screen, 3 GB RAM, a 16-megapixel back camera and a 5-megapixel front camera, offering very high quality images and selfies. This phone is great at power consumption with battery life of about 8 hours a day. Aesthetically, the S6 is a phone to die for. It features a glass and metal design that appears sleek, trendy and expensive, increasing the esteem of college students that want to appear financially stable. A road trip would require one to carry chargers but the sight of intertwined cables in a bag is an eyesore. You no longer have to go through this horrific ordeal thanks to the wireless charging features.

Price: $680.00

7. LG G4

LG is a world renowned and well-respected electronics brand. There’s a wide array of LG phones available, and the G4 offers the best package for power users. Who would want a phone that hangs while playing Candy Crush Saga? A cool phone is fast and can handle light to heavy games. This phone boasts Qualcomm’s zippy new Snapdragon 808 processor that allows you to run multiple applications at the same time, redefining the key features of smartphones. Additionally, the removable battery and expandable storage are to die for, features that other developers are eliminating from smartphones. Photo lovers do not have to sacrifice anything to own this phone because it provides 16-megapixel quality images with unimaginable clarity.

Price: $609.99

8. Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3

Another budget smartphone, Idol 3 costs more than half the price of other smartphones while it still contains all the necessary basics. It has an impressive battery life making it ideal for campers. When was the last time you thought of watching a movie upside down due to your sitting position? Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 offers exactly that, among other features such as the DJ mix app which lets you create your own music mixes to suit your mood and occasions. At its price, it offers an unexpected high camera quality at 13 megapixels, making it one of the best bargain smartphones of 2015.

Price: $249.99

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It is important especially for college students to keep abreast with the latest technology. Who would want to be seen as backward and ignorant of the latest trends. Take time, shop around for the latest phone and join in on the conversation. Do not miss out on holidays, hikes and selfie moments just because you do not own the latest phone.

Which of these phones would you buy and why? Please leave your views in the comments section below.

Now You Can Play Ping Pong When You Wait To Cross Any Road In Germany


A video went viral back in 2012 that displayed amazing modified traffic lights, which allowed the pedestrians who were waiting for green light to play Ping Pong with the person on other side of the road. It was called StreetPong and allowed pedestrians to pass time while waiting and keep anxious crossers from trying to cross the road early.Play Ping Pong Before you Cross the Road in Germany - ActiWait 8

Amelie Künzler, Holger Michel and Sandro Angel – the three designers – have been working ever since this technology went viral on the internet to improve it further and after 2 years of collaborating with a number of design firms and traffic experts, the team has managed to come up with a functional gadget and has even managed to get an approval from the city of Hildesheim in Germany.Play Ping Pong Before you Cross the Road in Germany - ActiWait 7

The game has been re-branded and is now called ActiWait with the game being a modified version of the StreetPong. While you play and the score tallies (touchscreen based game) you can see how much time is left before the signal turns green. Once the signal turns green the game is finished and a display of thumb is shown to let the players know that they can cross the road safely. A timer till the green light goes off is also displayed.Play Ping Pong Before you Cross the Road in Germany - ActiWait 4 Play Ping Pong Before you Cross the Road in Germany - ActiWait 3 Play Ping Pong Before you Cross the Road in Germany - ActiWait Play Ping Pong Before you Cross the Road in Germany - ActiWait 2

The team is further working on developing it and installing it on more traffic lights by using the funds that will be raised from an Indiegogo campaign that is being run as of now. The expected improvements include ambient lighting, Wi-Fi connection and a feature that will allow the device to display local news and weather while providing city information and navigation. What are your thoughts on this innovative gadget?

New Facial Recognition Systems Could Change The Future Of Shopping


There has been opposition to facial scanning and recognition being used by retailers and their ability to keep information. The primary concern for the opposing groups is that their shopping information or statistics shouldn’t be utilized by any other party as they tend to have sensitive information regarding personal lives.

Nine groups were initially after the facial recognition and they were lobbying to make this technology illegal in consumer but they hit a brick wall in their movement as a security of credit cards demands that facial recognition be used. Now the groups have said that the shopkeepers need to ask permission from the customers or inform them at least if they want to keep their biometric profile and consumer history in their databases.

The retailers, on the other hand, believe that they are using it for customer’s own benefit. It will allow them to offer person-centric deals and offers while also catching potential fraudulent users of credit cards. It can also be used to catch shoplifters and other criminals with a tarnished history.

facial recognition shopping2

Despite the common belief, it is not a technology that is one for the future as it has been in use for more than one and a half years. The biggest concern of any person would be that this information can do more bad than good. People can be profiled and targeted according with the help of this tool. The biggest example of using the facial recognition system’s data is Facebook itself. It uses our activity from cookies to analyze our data and then show us related adverts.

Another thing associated with the abuse of this technology is that faces cannot be changed and therefore categorizing people with the same face is invasive and unethical. How would you feel if someone were to analyze your face and keep records of what you buy next to it?

9 Mobile Apps to Help Develop Your Business [Infographic]


It is a well-known fact that technology has made our lives a lot easier. Over the years, tech discoveries have simplified the way we communicate with each other and has had a huge influence on the way we work. This is particularly evident in the corporate world, as entrepreneurs are taking advantage of mobile apps to make their work easier and more efficient.

Popular mobile apps such as Dropbox, Salesforce, LinkedIn and Hootsuite are some of the most useful apps available. They can help your business develop by driving more customers to you and as such increase your sales. This infographic designed by Moz Rif from WeDigTech provides a list of 9 mobile apps that you should try out.

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Are you using any of these mobile apps? Did they help you? Let me know in the comments section below…;

Ever Wondered How Special Effects In Bond Movies Are Filmed? These Pictures Reveal It All


The New James Bond film Spectre had some amazing visual effects to its credit and it was part of the reason it was one of the highest grossing movies of 2015. It was Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as the iconic British 007 agent and he will definitely go down in history as one of the best James Bond portrayers ever. Here we take you back to some of the most amazing visual effects of these Bond movies and tell you how they were filmed.

This Seven-Storey building collapsing under Bond isn’t all effects. The real scene took place in a mockup in Pinewood studio and took an astonishingly three months to build, film and edit into this great scene that graced our screens.

Spectre (2015) - TOP: a building collapses around Daniel Craig as he falls floor-by-floor to the ground in a scene created to look like Mexico City BOTTOM: Actually a scaffold-supported structure built at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire created the illusion.

The MI6 building in London goes up in flames. But what did the visual artist have to work with in real life? Just a small model building to superimpose the graphics on. The building was later superimposed in the backdrop.

Skyfall (2012) - In now a famous James Bond legendary scene the MI6 building on London's Thameside building is scene expoding - however (TOP) the real explosion took place safely some 25 miles away on a scaffold construction at Pinewood Studios before 'layered' on digitally to film of the real headquarters

The Aston Martin DB5 is Bond’s famous car used in many of the films. Here it is all in flames. Did the studio blow up an actual Aston Martin to show it? Of course not, they used an old model of a BMW and layered a one-third scale miniature of DB5 over the car. Smart, huh?

Skyfall (2012) - Too valuable a car to really destroy James Bond's prized Aston Martin DB5 is seen destroyed in the film (below) however as seen in top photo the car was a scale model

Steve Begg - Special Effects designer - with 3rd scale miniature Aston Martin DB5 and TOP the same model exploded for Skyfall (2012) - as the film sees an explosion destroy James Bond's prized Aston Martin DB5

In Spectre, the evil lair of Blofeld is destroyed in the end thanks to efforts of James Bond. The nice dome and everything! How much of it was real? Well, this scene shows all as a track for the actors and some stage marks were the only things that were real. So what blew up in the sky then? Probably a miniature or just pixels.

Spectre (2015) - James Bond (Right) with Bond girl Madeleine (Léa Seydoux) approach Blofeld's desert lair. Filmed in Erfoud , Morocco Special Effects and computer graphics provide the entire domed roof of Blofeld's Observatory

Give me some adrenaline! This stunt was slated to be performed in reality but authorities banned it and eventually it was filmed in an aerodrome. However, the aircraft is quite real and so was the crazy rotating motion.

Spectre (2015 film) - Special Effects to create a spiralling helicopter fight scene seen in the film as above a crowded Mexico City.

A lone helicopter in a remote area was flown and then afterwards, special effects were done to show it flowing over Mexico city itself.

James Bond visual effects8

So this helicopter crashes into the building and therefore, it must have cost a fortune. But, it didn’t, okay? Both were large scale replicas and the explosion was superimposed here as well.

Skyfall (2012) - Skyfall Lodge - the childhood home of James Bond is seen in model form (see man on right for scale during filming) before explosively attacked by enemy helicopter.

The spectacular train chase in the Skyfall was quite real as it involved an actual claw mechanical digger. But visual effects created the feeling of the claw crunching the train bogey into bits right under the feet of 007 himself.

Skyfall (2012) - Viewers watched in amazement in the opening sequences as James Bond (Daniel Craig) took on a rampaging digger mounted aboard a moving train - the image below shows the CGI (computer-generated imagery) being added to footage to achieve the dramatic effect

This scene was filmed in Morocco. Madeleine and Bond oversee a huge explosion at Blofeld’s base. It was quite real as well. Except for them witnessing it part!

Spectre (2015) - (TOP) James Bond (Right) with Bond girl Madeleine (Léa Seydoux) watch the demse of Blofeld's base - filmed in Erfoud , Morocco (BOTTOM) The 24th Bond film features the largest film detonation of all time, with 70 tons of TNT used. The explosion lasted 7.5 seconds. /

This background of buildings was mostly visual effects. Only the base of these structures was real.

LEFT: Final film sees a full background of buildings / RIGHT: Special Effects later add the street scene behind using green screen filming / Bérénice Marlohe) walks (2nd Left) with Daniel Craig as James Bond through a set designed as the lair of Silva (played by Javier Bardem) /

Now this is what I call a mighty deception. These articulate expensive classical buildings only existed in a computer. Great architectural work, though!

Spectre (2015) - TOP: James Bond (2nd Right) approaches Blofeld's (played by Christoph Waltz) desert base - filmed in Erfoud , Morocco but the Observatory base entrance is seen BELOW filmed with barely a simple door frame (with guards)

Now this is getting out of hand. This mouse is also just visual effects.

Spectre (2015) James Bond is led to his next clue in the hunt for Blofeld by a mouse which crawls along the floor to a secret room within an apartment 'Who sent you?' Bond asks the mouse - we see (BOTTOM) entirely the mouse was computer trickery

The never-ending ceiling of the dome is not that high. Just high enough to give it a feeling of continuity. Amazing work though

Skyfall (2012) Daniel Craig (LEFT) lured into the 'not so grand' lair of villain Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem - RIGHT) as special effects give the impression of a towering hall.

These are some amazing visual effects achievements. Some of them were quite life-like but the rest were just too much to handle. What do you think?

Robotic Farm Workers Will Soon Take Over Farming Tasks


Robotics has advanced a lot in the past few decades and nowadays, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era where robots are being introduced that will take over all the hard work and labor. Hence, providing us with a comfortable lifestyle.
Robots at farm 4However, there is a downside to this whole situation; people will end up losing their jobs. Don’t you think so? Although this will result in loss of jobs at first, but if you look at it closely, this is a way to achieve better yields for smaller farms and to come up with better production. The key idea here is to enable farmers to compete with other farms.

Robots at farm 3We have an array of robots that are capable of performing out in the fields and take over the jobs from humans. These robots include; mini helicopters which help in crop dusting and small tanks which can pluck berries. We also have robots which are able to trim grape vines and on a very serious note, what else can you ask from your robot? Keeping in mind how many of these tasks are being carried out by robots soon enough, there will come a moment when all the assignments on a farm shall be taken care of by robots.

UK parliament has seen the writing on the wall and is accepting the fact instead of running away from it. In fact the British Parliament has come up with the ‘Agri-tech’ strategy which will have a budget of $263 million and aims to begin commercialization of robots to be used in agriculture and to keep farmers up-to-date with new trends. The commission believes that this might be a good news for the individual farmers who are hardly making any profit as of now.

Robots at farmFingers crossed for how this revolution pans out but what we know for sure is that unless farmers evolve during this, they won’t be able to keep up with the competition that will soon follow agriculture.

YouTube Preview Image

Amazing Pictures Show Microscopic Motors Used By Bacteria To Move Through Your Body


Those of us who paid a little attention in high school Biology know that Bacteria are present inside the human body in large numbers and have the evolutionary ability to move from one place to another with the help of flagella that are essentially long tails made of proteins, visible at a nano level. Now we know about these flaps, what controls their movements? Nano 3D imaging shows how each of them is controlled at a minute level by these amazing motors that are made of proteins as well and work at such a small level to help propel the bacterium forward.

Now bacterias vary from shapes to sizes and therefore, each motor functions differently in these unicellular organisms and therefore, their swimming power also changes. Campylobacter jejuni is a kind of bacteria that needs to propel in the gut to cause food poisoning. Now the semi-solid mixture there provides a rough medium to operate, but this bacteria can move powerfully and can efficiently do so in the harsh terrain around it.

nano motors in bacteria4

These reasons of different kinds of swimming abilities have largely been unknown until recent times when scientists were able to perform experiments using the state-of-the-art electron microscope at Imperial College, London. A team of researchers led by Dr Morgan Beeby has been able to model these motors at an unprecedented level. These latest computer models show the differences in swimming ability and power in different kinds of motors available to bacteria. The findings were published in the famed Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.

nano motors in bacteria

nano motors in bacteria2

These motors work on a rotational mechanism that propels the flagella to produce a kind of helical motion that propels the whole organism forward. Just like any engineered motor, Bacteria can add to the power of the motor by adding extra parts and increasing the sheer size of it. It is is amazing to see the kind of engineering nature can do, even if it can make us sick!

While not all bacteria are particularly powerful swimmers, the purpose has been redefined for some entirely. Vibrio cholera, the bacteria that causes Cholera has only intermediate power in its motors and some are even weaker than that. Now studying this level of detail was no easy feat for the researchers to achieve. The bacteria was rapidly frozen to -180 degrees using electron cryotomography that prevents ice crystals from forming on the frozen material. Digital 3D imaging from a 360-degree view creates the 3-D imagery for the motors. Dr. Morgan is now working on finding out what kind of evolutionary conditions allowed the bacteria to evolve in such varying patterns. Pretty cool, isn’t it?